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Ability • Vigor • Vitality
About Hero Gym
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HeroGym is not merely the pursuit of muscular gain, fat loss, or enhancement of speed and agility. No, instead it is a pursuit of that which develops our entire selves.

It is a journey toward complete and overall ability, a quest for an empowering feeling of vigor and the hardy steadfastness of fitness. It is a search for all which makes the body able, the mind sound, and the whole being complete.

Hero Gym accomplishes this through understanding and by taking advantage of our every moment, thereby controlling our fate, striving towards betterment, and accepting the hardship that often comes with it.

For it is not that we do not undergo struggle, but rather, that we choose to face it. For in this place we are Heroes, and we do not do less.

What We Do
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  • Private Training

    We provide one-on-one or two person private training. This is a customized program based on individual ability and goals.

  • Classes

    Our classes are small and cover a wide range of techniques. They range from beginner to advanced and are offered typically in the evenings.

  • Nutrition

    Nutrition is fuel and fuel is energy.  This is perhaps the most important aspect of our body: what we put into it. We help you replace the bad with the good.